Tooth brushing and other things

“You only have to brush the ones you want to keep,” is what my mother always told me. Admittedly I’m terrible about establishing a regular tooth brushing habit. It’s also a hard thing to keep up with when you don’t have running water. Having spent the last month living on an urban homestead without running water I have not advanced my tooth brushing level. The other thing that has been an interesting change is bathing. These days I collect rain water, several gallons at a time and keep it for bathing. I take bucket baths much like I did when sailing and working on boats. It doesn’t bother me much. 38 degrees is warmer than you think when the wind’s not blowing. Soap suds are surprisingly insulating, and as long as I don’t get my hair wet, bathing in near freezing temperatures with near freezing water has been surprisingly not that bad. That being said I’m excited for the day we upgrade our rain water catchment and build our shower out and I can take a warm shower once again. Until then I’ll continue my cold water baths, which science says has numerous benefits.

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Hailing from the gently rolling hills of South Eastern PA, my favorite hobby is collecting obscure skill sets. This desire has lead me on all sorts of adventures from art school to Ship rigging and sailing, with brief stops along the way making and selling candy and working in a print shop. I'm constantly devouring books and knowledge to embark on new projects and adventures, I hope you'll join me on the journey.

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