998 Good Bricks

Ajahn Brahm has a story of building his first brick wall. Of laying brick after brick and a lesson in patience of making sure each brick was level and smooth. In the end when he steps back and looks at the wall there are two bricks out of place, and it drives him mad. He becomes focused on these two out of place bricks and can only see them flaw in his work. Until one day a visitor tells him his wall is beautiful and that, while yes there are two bad bricks, there were also 998 good bricks. And he realizes that he’s been to focused on his flaws to see the good.

As a crafter I often fall into the trap of only seeing the flaws or areas for improvement in my works. It’s hard for me to let them go, and value my works when all I see are the mistakes. Lately I’ve been trying to focus on the good bricks in my works and stop answering the compliments I get with the flaws I see.

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Hailing from the gently rolling hills of South Eastern PA, my favorite hobby is collecting obscure skill sets. This desire has lead me on all sorts of adventures from art school to Ship rigging and sailing, with brief stops along the way making and selling candy and working in a print shop. I'm constantly devouring books and knowledge to embark on new projects and adventures, I hope you'll join me on the journey.

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