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This week I’ve mostly been focusing on getting over a cold that had entrenched itself in my chest over our weekend trip to Philly Last weekend. The trip itself was delightful. It’s always a pleasure to get to see my mom who picked me up from the train station Friday evening and then joined us for breakfast at Abby’s parent’s house Saturday Morning. Breakfast was followed by a knitting crash course from my mom who’s a superb fiber artist, proficient in knitting, crochet, and spinning. After that our crew went to a local corn maze at Hurricane Hill a farm run by one of Abby’s old friends. The corn maze was in the shape of a Steam locomotive with different word jumble clues and train image rubbings scattered throughout. While my group didn’t make the best time through the corn maze we did get the most rubbings and word jumble clues allowing us to figure out the secret word. Following the corn maze was a hay ride and then back to the Oulton’s for dinner and a fire circle. Sunday was a lazy morning and then quick run through Philly to catch our bus. I’ve spent the week at school helping Jan build a nesting box for an American Kestrel, knitting and reading interspersed with a couple close park trips, soda making and I’m working on carving my first spoon. We’ll see how it goes. I’m looking forward to having a weekend where I’m not travelling and can do some laundry and grocery shopping as well as just laze about the house.

Here’s the spoon I’ve been working on. Hopefully have it finished in a day or two. Anyway, till next week,

With wool and wood shavings,


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Hailing from the gently rolling hills of South Eastern PA, my favorite hobby is collecting obscure skill sets. This desire has lead me on all sorts of adventures from art school to Ship rigging and sailing, with brief stops along the way making and selling candy and working in a print shop. I'm constantly devouring books and knowledge to embark on new projects and adventures, I hope you'll join me on the journey.

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