#AlfSummer Wk1

Here we are, the end of week one, Alf Summer. It’s been exciting, engaging, exhausting. I can’t recall another week in which I’ve had as many juicy conversations, learned as many tools, or connected with as many wonderful beautiful human beings.

Everyday has been full of wonderful discussions. Leigh showed me how to talk so children will listen, and listen so children will talk. I’ve sat in on discussions about the camp dynamics for the next two weeks, and am excited to be running a spawn point with @rochellehudson next week. Was glad to have helped @leigh create a “menu” of suggestions for kids who happen to be overwhelmed by the endless possibility of self directed learning. Learned about the “Blueprint of We” a powerful tool for relational dynamics. And so many other things that I hope to carry forward into my life and relationships. Ultimately, what I’m most excited about from this week are the relations I’ve forged with so many wonderful new people. People who are bright, beautiful, beings of infinite love who I am glad to know and call my friends.