Sprung spring

It’s been one month since I left my old job building boats to come live at QIVC and put in time at CloudHouse with @bear and @madhatter. Boy have things changed since I got here. It’s gone from fridged sweater and maple sap weather to cut off jean shorts and no shirt in the garden weather. The peepers are peeping and the projects keep progenating. A quick recap so far is:

•The production of homemade soap with wood ash Lye leached from the farm house stove ashes, lamb fat from the land, and pine tar from my old job

•Adventures in Cheese making. Delicious, scrumptious, haloumi, with more to come in the future

•Maple syrup boiling, and midnight letter writing

•Hour upon hours of indulgent book reading. Both heavy and light such as Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Wood splitting and axe throwing, and impromptu dinner invites, work parties, word art and surprise free lunches. Concerts and sunshine and all sorts of things I can’t recall right now with the certain knowledge of impending summer and more adventure and play right around the corner.

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Hailing from the gently rolling hills of South Eastern PA, my favorite hobby is collecting obscure skill sets. This desire has lead me on all sorts of adventures from art school to Ship rigging and sailing, with brief stops along the way making and selling candy and working in a print shop. I'm constantly devouring books and knowledge to embark on new projects and adventures, I hope you'll join me on the journey.

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