A week in the big apple

While Ryan’s been down in Puerto Rico, Bear and I have come down out of the country to play in the city for the week. It’s been great to be down here with the ALCNYC crew. It’s been a jam packed week as there’s always something to be done in the city, and the weather, except for a soggy walk to the Met on Monday has been delightful. Highlights from the week include: a jaunt down to the Metropolitan Museum of Art were we played a lively game of art pose, Making Envelopes and giving Bear a haircut, several trips to the Park, a few games of contact and making new friends.

On Monday the weather started grey and stayed wet all day. However that didn’t stop an intrepid trip to the Met by @bear, @lilaw and myself. After the twenty or so in the rain with a brief lunch stop, the warmth of the Met was a welcome relief. After standing in line and making our donation we were granted access to the Roman and Greek statuary hall and commenced to playing one of my favourite museum games. I’ve been playing Art Pose with my family for years, the rules are simple, you pick figures or statues and imitate the pose as best as possible. Which sounds simple enough but really getting the pose down is a little harder than you’d think but the real fun of it is seeing the reactions from everyone else playing as you contort and pose yourself, kneeling or lying on the floor as necessary close to the art as your friend takes your picture. After we’d been playing for a while I even had a stranger pose with me in front of Satyr statue.

Letter writing has been an integral part of my relationships since shortly before I left for college. There really is nothing quite as enjoyable as receiving mail that isn’t an advertisement or a bill especially when it comes from a friend or a loved one. I recently relearned  a skill from a few years of how to fold a sheet of 8.5″X11″ paper into it’s own envelope. In the last month or so I’ve sent out half a dozen of these self enveloped letters to friends and family. Knowing that a few of the students here at ALCNYC are fellow letter writers I was excited to share this piece of origami wisdom in a short class on Tuesday.

While I didn’t participate in the Wooly Willy Bear decision making process to choose what style of haircut he would receive I did catch part of the shearing process and watched as Bear let his lovely locks tumble gently to the floor to emerge from the chair a new man.

While Central Park is an oasis of nature in the City, it’s no QIVC in Chatham. What it does have that Chatham doesn’t though is all of my NYC friends for me to play with. We’ve spent several lovely days this week strolling through the park, playing Monster tag on playgrounds, watching the turtles sun themselves. Strolling through the North Woods to find the perfect grass patch the throw a frisbee around and climbing on rocks. Not to mention impromptu picnics and dog petting.

@douglasawesome led another great instalment of the Philosophy of Dictators series this week with a focus on Joseph Stalin. Which was interesting and informative. Did you know that after Lenin passed away Trotsky and Stalin had an equal chance of rising to power? Trotsky was the more charismatic speaker put that didn’t seem to help any when Stalin had him exiled to Mexico allowing him to fill the vacuum and lead the transition of Soviet Russia into the Nation State we know it to be today.

Wednesday evening included a romp through Harlem and my first ever meal of chicken and waffles at Sylvia’s cafe. After a delicious soul food feast we took in a blues show a the Shrine before making our way home to an early bed time.

Thursday (today) has been a day of travel planning as I scheduled a fairly spontaneous trip back to the Philadelphia region to visit my mother and run some Adult-y errands such as going to the eye doctor. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in a round of disc golf at one of my favourite courses down there, Sedgley Woods. Around Lunch time @abbyo drew an awesome octopus on my hand in Henna spawning a trip down the octopus-youtube-video tunnel. Man those things amaze and creep me out. I’m excited for the upcoming week at home and look forward to more adventures and beautiful spring weather when I return to Chatham.



Sprung spring

It’s been one month since I left my old job building boats to come live at QIVC and put in time at CloudHouse with @bear and @madhatter. Boy have things changed since I got here. It’s gone from fridged sweater and maple sap weather to cut off jean shorts and no shirt in the garden weather. The peepers are peeping and the projects keep progenating. A quick recap so far is:

•The production of homemade soap with wood ash Lye leached from the farm house stove ashes, lamb fat from the land, and pine tar from my old job

•Adventures in Cheese making. Delicious, scrumptious, haloumi, with more to come in the future

•Maple syrup boiling, and midnight letter writing

•Hour upon hours of indulgent book reading. Both heavy and light such as Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Wood splitting and axe throwing, and impromptu dinner invites, work parties, word art and surprise free lunches. Concerts and sunshine and all sorts of things I can’t recall right now with the certain knowledge of impending summer and more adventure and play right around the corner.